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Over the past 5 months, We Do Better Relief delivered 4 million pounds of supplies to the hurricane-devastated Caribbean, directly aiding over 750,000 residents of Puerto Rico, Dominica, and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI). 

By investing 12 dollars a month for 12 months, you'll be making a direct difference in the lives of those the government has let down. 

Now, you can be a part of giving the people of the Caribbean a fresh start and a way to weather the next hurricane. We Do Better Relief is drilling wells, installing solar powered electrical grids, and providing solar mobile kitchens for communities in Puerto Rico, Dominica, and the USVI. As a 12 for 12 club member, you will be providing sustainable clean water for villages who have survived off of water bottles and emergency filters, solar powered electricity for immediate power restoration after a storm, and solar mobile kitchens to help people still living on canned food feed themselves.

At home in the United States, We Do Better is highlighting and creating resources to connect people who need public services with the nonprofits and for-profits that provide them. A portion of your donation will also go toward creating a financially sustainable public services network in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the USVI.

As a 12 for 12 Club member, you don’t just donate. You make a direct impact for an entire year.

Join us today. 

Current Projects:

Well Drilling in Ajuntas, Puerto Rico

The government of Puerto Rico quoted the town of Ajuntas, Puerto Rico,$2.5 million to install a well and a 16,000 gallon aqueduct to provide water to homes in their village. We Do Better Relief has partnered with Oasis for Hope to build a Well and Aqueduct system for $60,000. This will provide a sustainable source of clean water for the village for now, and a source of clean water for the island in the next natural disaster.

UPDATE: We've started drilling! Check out the start of the Ajuntas Well!


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